Immuno-oncology is already here

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Our understanding of cancer has changed over the years. Combination therapy has enabled us to greatly improve the mortality curves, but science now faces a new challenge: to activate the body’s immune system so that it battles against the disease. In fact, it is known that the immune system plays an important role in the fight against cancer, and strategies are being researched in order to stimulate it so that it acts against the cancerous cells. This discipline is known as immuno-oncology, and it is hoped that it will revolutionise cancer treatment over the coming years.

Ramón Barceló, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, specialist in Medical Oncology at Basurto University Hospital and Professor of the Department of Medicine of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), will give a talk entitled “Immuno-oncology is already here” on 18 February at 19.00, in AlhóndigaBilbao. Zientziateka is a monthly initiative organised by the Chair of Scientific Culture of the UPV/EHU and AlhóndigaBilbao to raise awareness of current scientific matters.

Tickets should be collected from the AlhóndigaBilbao Information Point. Free entry will be subject to available seating.


Start date:
February 18th, 2015
End date:
February 18th, 2015
from 19:00 to 20:30


Auditorio de AlhóndigaBilbao (planta -1)
Plaza Arriquibar, 4

1 Comment

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Acciones divulgativas como ésta que se está presentando a los medios sociales, son de gran necesidad y resulta altamente vanguardista de cara ha alcanzar altas cuotas de calidad de la vida en la sociedad.

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