Unravelling the mysteries of black holes

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Black holes are the most amazing astrophysical objects we know. They cannot be seen by the naked eye; in fact, their gravitational force is so huge that not even light is capable of escaping them in order to reach us. However, we know they are there due to the effects that they produce. In spite of the fact that we know much of the details of how they are formed, their evolution and what happens inside them is still not very clear. We could say that this is indeed the main question.

David Brizuela, Professor of Physics at the University of the Basque Country / UPV/EHU, will tell us about these subjects in his talk entitled ‘Zulo beltzen misterioak argitzen’ (Unravelling the mysteries of black holes). The event will take place on 19 October in Azkuna Zentroa.

Zientziateka is a monthly initiative organised by the Chair of Scientific Culture of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU and Azkuna Zentroa to raise awareness of current scientific matters. The talk will be in Basque.

Tickets should be collected from the Azkuna Zentroa Information Point. Entry is free.


Start date:
October 19th, 2015
End date:
October 19th, 2015
from 19:00 to 21:00


Azkuna Zentroko Bastida aretoa (-2 solairua)
Plaza Arriquibar, 4

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