¿Qué sabemos, con evidencia, sobre el uso de la tecnología en el aula? ¿Y sobre los programas de enseñanza bilingüe? ¿Qué nos dice la investigación científica sobre la motivación y el aprendizaje? ¿Cuáles son las […]

When we talk about such different disciplines as art and science, it may be difficult to imagine that there can be a connection between them. But it is not actually that hard to discover a […]

It is arguably the most famous number in history. Pi, represented by Greek letter π, is one of the most important mathematical constants in history and has been studied for over 4,000 years. Such is […]

La Biblioteca Bidebarrieta de Bilbao acogerá durante los meses de febrero y marzo dos conferencias organizadas en el marco de la segunda edición del ciclo sobre cine y ciencia “Lo Desconocido”, un evento impulsado por […]

Smart materials, also known as active or multi-functional materials, are structures that are capable of changing their properties by exposure to physical or chemical stimuli such as pressure, temperature or environmental humidity.
Because of their […]

On 12 February Bidebarrieta Library in Bilbao will be joining in the celebration of the 210th anniversary of the birth of scientist Charles Darwin, author of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. The […]

Currently, the elderly population is the fastest growing people group in the world. According to the data of the UN’s “World Population Prospects” report, it is expected for people aged 60 or over to […]

On 20 December 2017 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, an event that seeks to recognise the essential role of […]

Si cerrásemos los ojos para visualizar la imagen de un geólogo, probablemente imaginaríamos a una persona descubriendo fósiles y recopilando y coleccionando minerales. No obstante, esta disciplina académica cuenta con muchísimas más aplicaciones desconocidas para […]

Stress is considered to be one of the body’s mechanisms to defend itself against potential risks and threats. While research has conventionally focussed on analysing the cognitive effects of this pathology, significantly relevant studies have […]